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What would an ideal headline look like to you?

What should headlines look like? In defending a controversial post, author and professor Katie Roiphe noted that deadlines are designed to get attention. This is understandable, but a lot of people and buzz can surround some headlines, which in turn leads to the headline making the story in some respects. And some people are just perusing and coming across a headline, but not bothering to read the thing. 😦 For example, “Time” magazine ran an article arguing that exercise stimulates appetite, thus doesn’t help lose weight. The title “Excercise Won’t Make You Thin.” They extensively featured work by Dr. Timothy Church. Church had some issues with the article and in a subsequent interview said, ” Having done a bazillion interviews related to it, the take-home message was “exercise is not good for you.” He will argue if you read the article, that’s not what it says. It doesn’t matter. You know damn well what people are going to take away from that cover.”

So, from that vantage point, what is an ideal headline…


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