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What deters you from going to the movie theater?

Movie theater revenue is down.  I watched a dozen plus movies in the past year, so I’m really not a part of that. But, clearly a lot of folks just aren’t going to the movies as much. Why? And what should be done about it?

I was prompted to think about this because of some stuff I encountered on Entertainment Weekly.They offered suggestions to improve the movie theater experience, and one of their pieces of advice was to “stop killing us with your popcorn.” Slate also brought this up–their point was theaters should dish on nutrition or allow people to bring stuff in from elsewhere. As someone who recently began counting calories, I honestly sympathize with this concerns.

And this issue isn’t too difficult to deal with. Popcorn can actually a respectable snack and many diet cites suggest adding herbs to make it flavorful as opposed to covering it in butter. String cheese and yogurt are respectable snacks too. Hot dogs can be done in relatively low calorie amounts (i.e. sub 250).

But, would this really drag people to the theater en masse? I doubt it.

Price gets cited pretty frequently, but movie tix are lower now than in 1940 when controlling for inflation.


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