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Any ideas for something to test cocoa with?

So one of my recent hobbies is baking. One issue of fascination to me is the value of splurging in this area, and I am thinking of doing taste tests. Here are the respective ingredients, and ideas. Any suggestions?

Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate





Unsweetened Baking Chocolate


Cocoa Powder


Devil’s Food Cake

Chocolate Biscotti



Vanilla Extract

Classic Cake

Pound Cake


Sugar Cookies


Anything, folks want to particularly hear about?


About 20smtg

Early 20s--Working for a few years after college, including part-time freelance writing. Hope to go back to school at some point, and become a scholar.


2 thoughts on “Any ideas for something to test cocoa with?

  1. Mmm, they all sound good! I don’t have experience with baking too much from scratch. I generally bake from a box!

    Posted by koshermuffin | April 12, 2011, 11:39 pm
    • You might want to try Paula Deen’s symphony brownies. I made them from boxed mix, and they got rave reviews.

      I guess I should include brownies or cake for each of these, because a lot of people make stuff like that. 😀

      Though for semi or bittersweet, I’ll prolly do dark chocolate soup with cinnamon pound cake croutons, lol. 😀

      Posted by 20smtg | April 13, 2011, 8:45 pm

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