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What deters you from going to the movie theater?

Movie theater revenue is down.  I watched a dozen plus movies in the past year, so I’m really not a part of that. But, clearly a lot of folks just aren’t going to the movies as much. Why? And what should be done about it? I was prompted to think about this because of some … Continue reading

Any ideas for something to test cocoa with?

So one of my recent hobbies is baking. One issue of fascination to me is the value of splurging in this area, and I am thinking of doing taste tests. Here are the respective ingredients, and ideas. Any suggestions? Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate Brownies Cake Ganache   Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Brownies Cocoa Powder Brownies Devil’s Food … Continue reading

Commenting on a recent paper

       Although I don’t plan to specialize in women’s issues in my writing, I have been working on a couple of articles on gender and kept up with the research for several years. The recent Ceci and Valla paper in “Perspectives on Psychological Science” dovetails with some of the issues in one of my articles.  Since the middle … Continue reading

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